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This event will be organised to strongly enhance and strengthen relationship and intimacy amongst Afro-Caribbean couples thereby reducing the rate of divorce amongst couples of Afro-Caribbean origin in the United Kingdom. It will also serve as a platform to promote cultural inclusion, diversity and integration in the Afro-Caribbean Communities through the engagement and involvement of Afro-Caribbean couples.

Most Afro-Caribbean couples(with or without children) in the UK don’t really have time to bond together as they live under the same roof as two different individuals with most focus on their work and children, thereby having no quality time to celebrate marriage and relationships.

The event will be targeted towards Afro-Caribbean couples and implemented two to four times a year.It will be a romantic event and an excellent avenue that will bring them together to promote relationship, intimacy, social networking, celebrate love/marriage,and foster Afro-Caribbean Culture.

The event will also host various activities that will enhance marital relationship and intimacy as well as promote Afro-Caribbean culture.


Most couples think you only require counselling when they face difficulties and challenges in their marriages. Whatever the issues you encounter in your relationship as an Afro-Caribbean couple, we are here to help you tackle and resolve it.

Our trained marriage counsellors will provide you with an impartial and non-judgemental advise,care ,support and counselling session based on your situation. They will talk you through any marital issues you may have. This will help to recognise and resolve conflicts,improve your relationships, help you move forward with your marital life and go a long way at reducing divorce rates amongst the Afro-Caribbean couples and their communities as a whole.

Our counsellors have a wealth of expertise in relationship building,conflict management, guidance and counselling. They work very closely with you, while you express what you are thinking or feeling, and help you with issues that are getting you down in your relationship.

The marriage counsellors are available to foster cordial and harmonious relationships between Afro-Caribbean couples by offering exceptional counselling to them. They provide these services once a week for about 45 minutes to an hour, every week for few months or once in a month and it’s up to you to decide what you think will be best for you. This will be provided via Phone, email, live chats, face-to-face counselling and marriage workshops/seminars.

Through the counselling, you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or improving upon it as the case may be. This session typically includes both partners, but sometimes one partner may choose to work with a counsellor alone. The specific counselling plan depends on the situation.

A talk show known as HOMELY LOUNGE will be broadcasted on local television and radio stations once a week. This will be hosted by an experienced talk show host to discuss various issues and problems associated with marriage, relationship and intimacy amongst Afro-Caribbean couples and various ways to deal with them.

The TV Talk Show will have guests consisting of a group of people/couples from the Afro-Caribbean Communities who are learned or who have great experience in relation to whatever issues is being discussed for that episode, while the Radio Talk Show will have the host to interview one or two guests to discuss their work or areas of expertise as it relates to marriage and relationship enhancement amongst the Afro-Caribbean couples.

This will be an educative, engaging and interactive session to discuss marital relationship and intimacy, marital issues and the way forward for Afro-Caribbean couples and their communities.