About Us

We are a new provider of marriage and relationship support for Afro-Caribbean couples and a strong promoter of cultural inclusion, integration and diversity amongst the Afro-Caribbean couples and their communities in the United Kingdom. Our primary aim is to help Afro-Caribbean couples to enhance their marital relationship and intimacy as well as promoting Afro-Caribbean culture through the involvement of couples from the Afro-Caribbean communities.

African Pyramid Limited was founded in February, 2016 by a group of Afro-Caribbean intellectuals who came together because they felt an urgent need to establish a company that will primarily help to promote a happy, healthy couples relationship and intimacy as well as promoting the culture of the Afro- Caribbean communities with a strong niche to reduce divorce rates amongst Afro-Caribbean couples and at the same time, fostering cultural awareness, inclusion,integration and diversity amongst the Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK.

The idea to establish the company was borne out of the fact that there is little or nothing known about companies in the United Kingdom set up with a focal point of tackling the problems associated with marriage, divorce, couples relationships and intimacy as well as promoting culture and cultural relationship within the Afro-Caribbean communities at the same time.

Research shows that relationship needs intimacy, and without it, relationship withers and die. It is also a well known fact that no society can survive without the social and cultural inclusion and integration of its people. Couples relationship and intimacy is an important part of a vibrant, loving and successful marriage and also play a pivotal role at reducing divorce rates. African Pyramid Limited is committed to support and helping you get the most of your relationship, whether you are facing a deadlock in your marriage or looking forward to enhance and improve your relationship with your spouse or partners. We are also devoted to promoting culture and building a strong cultural relationship amongst the Afro-Caribbean communities in the United Kingdom.

We provide three (3) main services that will bring about healthy, harmonious couples and cultural relationship and intimacy amongst the Afro-Caribbean communities thereby reducing divorce rates amongst them and increasing cultural awareness and involvement amongst Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK. These services are as follows;

-Organising Afro-Caribbean Couples Flagship and Community Event

-Marriage Counselling

-Television and Radio Talk Show

We are governed by a Board of Directors, who are greatly dedicated to helping Afro-Caribbean couples have an healthy marital relationship and intimacy and promote Afro-Caribbean culture.


Our vision seek to enhance and promote healthy couples and cultural relationship and intimacy in every Afro-Caribbean home and community.

To promote a strong relationship and intimacy by:

-Helping Afro-Caribbean couples and their communities make marriages and cultural relationship work well and succeed.

-Provide exceptional, first class services that are appropriate to every stage of the Afro-Caribbean couples life and cultural relationship of their communities.

-Helping the staff, Afro-Caribbean couples and their communities as well as decision-makers to enhance their understanding of marital and cultural relationships/intimacy and what makes them thrive very well.

Since its inception, African Pyramid Limited has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture and define the character of our company and guide how we behave and make decisions.

-Relationship: Relationship needs intimacy and the society needs its people to integrate socially and culturally. Without it, marriages withers and die and the society will be in turmoil. We value Afro-Caribbean couples and cultural relationship, marriages and intimacy. We support Afro-Caribbean couples and their communities to foster cordial and harmonious relationships,no matter the situation.

-Inclusion:  We carry our clients along and we make our services readily available to them without any barriers. We promote inclusion, equality, integration and diversity in all that we do.

-People: The services that we provide and everything we do is all centred around the people (ranging from married, separated and divorced Afro-Caribbean couples) and their needs. We also value our internal and external clients.

-Learning: We are open to learning and we leave no stone unturned to research and evaluate ways to improve our understanding of cultural relationship and Afro-Caribbean couples relationship and intimacy.

-Partnership: We work together with people and organisations to develop win-win partnerships for the long-term benefits of all.

-Team Work: One of our key drivers is team work. We work closely, both internally and externally with our clients.

Our Company’s Structure is made up of the Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Company Secretary and the Board of Directors which will include Director, Marketing and Public Relations, Director of Research and Event Management and Director, Media and Advertisement.

All of these offices will manage the day-to-day running of the organisation with great commitment and dedication to promoting Afro-Caribbean culture and ensure that Afro-Caribbean couples going through difficulties, pick up the pieces of their lives and have a happy and healthy relationship, on one hand, and Afro-Caribbean couples who are happy also continue to improve their relationship and intimacy, on the other hand.